Légion royale canadienne

Filiale Norris #227 

Gatineau (Québec)

Royal Canadian Legion

Norris Branch #227

Gatineau (Quebec)

The Poppy

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The mission of the Royal Canadian Legion is "to serve veterans and their dependants, to promote Remembrance, and to act in the service of Canada and its communities." In essence, the purposes and objects of the Legion were born of the need to further the spirit of comradeship and mutual assistance among all who have served and never to forget the deeds of the fallen.

The major source of funding for the Legion to accomplish this most important work is the annual Poppy Campaign, the foundation of our Remembrance Program. It is the generosity of Canadians that enables the Legion to ensure that our veterans and their dependants are cared for and treated with the respect that they deserve. This November campaign, which sees Poppies distributed to Canadians of all ages, serves to perpetuate Remembrance by ensuring that the memory and sacrifices of our war veterans are never forgotten.


The Legion also maintains a leading role in the creation and care of memorials to the contributions and valour of our veterans and ex-service members. We are deeply honoured and proud to accept the task of organizing Remembrance ceremonies throughout the country, including the National Remembrance Day Ceremony in Ottawa. In addition, working in concert with other veterans’ organizations and the Canadian government, the Legion has vowed to ensure that the preservation of the records and memories of our fallen heroes and returning veterans continues in perpetuity.

The Poppy Campaign


Conducted each year for about 2 weeks prior to November 11th in order to raise funds for needy Canadian veterans, ex-service members and their dependants, as well as Commonwealth veterans.

Poppies are distributed for donations which are not mandatory; in some cases (school children), the poppies are distributed solely to perpetuate Remembrance without remuneration.

Intention of the Poppy Campaign is to remind Canadians of the sacrifice of the 117,000 Canadians who died in the military, Merchant Navy and Ferry Command in two world wars, the Korean War and other theatres globally.

Donations received from the Poppy Campaign are put into trust accounts and used accordingly to assist needy veterans, ex-service members, their families and former members of Commonwealth and allied military services.

18 million poppies and 70,000 wreaths, crosses and sprays are distributed annually.

Activities supported by Poppy Trust Funds include: assisting needy veterans, ex-service members and their families; purchasing medical appliances; funding medical research and training, providing bursaries to the children and grandchildren of veterans and ex-service members; and funding accommodation, care facilities, meals-on-wheels, transport and related services for veterans, seniors and disabled persons.